Personal Loan

Personal loans are specifically designed for people who need urgent cash for personal reasons. These loans do not require any form of collateral or guarantor to acquire and as such are an ideal option when in need of extra financing. This loan will be given to individuals who have a good borrowers’ credit profile and the ability for them to repay the loan based on their salary.

Personal loan also contains debt restructuring, cheque cashing and refinancing. Debt restructuring suits for an individual that bear for numbers of debts including credit card, PTPTN, house and car loan that significantly increase in rates. Cheque cashing target for a salaried person who need fast cash while holding an duration cheque while refinancing suits for an individual that have property.

Why Apply Personal Loan?

Everyone may come across financial difficulty, but it is just in short term, once we overcome this, it will be much smoother in the future. Sometimes you may need the extra money for unexpected expenses such as outstanding medical, credit card and education debts. For whichever reason, we can reduce your burden by helping you achieve your personal financing needs. Hence, you can overcome this problem via personal loan.

Requirement For Personal Loan

We preferably borrower is working for someone which is underemployed for a period of time, usually at least 6 months of experience. We need borrower to provide 3 months of pay slip and 3 months of bank statements where the salary is credited. We also need borrower to provide a photocopy of NRIC, so foreigner is not able to borrow. We also need a photocopy of utility bill to prove where the borrower is staying.

If someone is doing their own business, they will need to reply on SSM registration for the registered business, we only will provide this loan for them. We need them to provide 6 months of company bank statement to show consistent turnover and income for the company. We also need MBPJ license or any local authority licenses, such as hawkers or food stalls, where they might not register to SSM.

If you are a freelance, we will visit your home office or place where you do your work, as well as verity your personal account bank statements to show consistent income.

Why Choose Us?

  • We do not require upfront payment.
  • Our loan is easy to apply.
  • Our loan is fast to approve.
  • Quick to disburse upon loan approval.
  • Flexible repayment scheme such as no penalty if early repay.

Who Are We?

We are a licensed money lender which have over 10years of experience in Malaysia and many people’s financial difficulties are improved through our help. We have branches in Malaysia such as Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We usually specialize in Kuala Lumpur area, such as KLCC, KL Sentral, Putrajaya, Bukit Jalil and Cheras. We also cover in Selangor area, for example Klang, Puchong, Cyberjaya and Petaling Jaya.


If you need cash immediately, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you the most suitable personal loan depends on your credit status and the tenure of your stay in a particular company. You may also interest in our other services, such as commercial loans, SME loans, business loans and working capital loans for freelancers or small business owners.