Cheque Cashing

Cheque cashing businesses, also known as money services businesses, provide customers with an easy way to turn their paycheck, or other checks, into cash without having to rely on a bank account. The lender will cash in the cheque into the bank when the cheque is due. When you are in need the money immediately especially you have a bill to pay or anything that is pressing you, cheque cashing is the best choice for you.

Personal loan also contains debt restructuring, cheque cashing and refinancing. Debt restructuring suits for an individual that bear for numbers of debts including credit card, PTPTN, house and car loan that significantly increase in rates. Cheque cashing target for a salaried person who need fast cash while holding an duration cheque while refinancing suits for an individual that have property.


  1. You are a business owner and you may receive a post-dated cheque from your vendors. First, you must ask the vendor to write the cheque in our money lender’s name and we will evaluate the background of the cheque issuer. If the cheque bounces, the borrower needs to sign some agreements to agree to repay the lender. Finally, the borrower will receive the payment after the deduction of the handling fee and interest on the load amount.
  2. If you are a salaried employee, you may receive a post-dated cheque from your employee for your salary. The employer may issue you a post-dated cheque as due to logistic problem. Then, we will need to verify that the cheque is from your employee by showing past bank statement to validate your salary. Lastly, the borrower needs to sign some agreements to reimburse the lender if the cheque bounces when it is banked in. After finish those process, the borrower can receive the cash immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Any people may have temporary financial difficulty and need some loan services. We understand that you will need immediate money especially when reach the end of the month, so through us we offer cheque cashing service to help you get immediate cash. If you have post-dated cheque, it would be much easier to get the loan. However, the other necessary criteria must still have adhered, in case the cheque bounced. Hence, we will still need to check on the credit profile and income documents of the borrower to ensure that they can repay in case of default.

Who Are We?

We are a licensed money lender in Malaysia which have over 10years of experience in this industry. We focus on Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area, such as Klang, Puchong, KLCC, KL Sentral, Sunway and Putrajaya. We also have branched throughout the country such as Johor, Melaka, Pulau Pinang and Perlis. So, you can found us all over Malaysia to get help from us.


If you are currently facing financial difficulties, please don’t hesitate to call us and we will provide you the best business for you. We also might have an alternative monetary assistance to help you such as business loan for factories, small and medium enterprises, refinancing and personal loan to offer. We believe that cheque cashing is a way to help you solve your urgent financial difficulties. Call us now!